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The prints were created in order to lend a visibility to the 99% movement. The idea is to create a cohesive visual unison at protests and occupy events. We also wanted to keep the message and movement visible when not at a specific location or planned gathering - say, walking down the street, riding the subway or, perhaps, taking your savings out of a big bank and transferring it to a local credit union...

Our original idea was to make t-shirts. As the weather changed and winter approached with shifted our attention to something more practical and visible: scarves. We want to keep the supporters warm during these chilly months.

A collaboration between CHANDI and James Asher whose support, encouragement and constant pestering eventually motivated CHANDI to design 2 prints and make 300 scarves.

The scarves and t-shirts are distributed for free at OWS protests and demonstrations in NYC,
San Francisco and Los Angeles.

James Asher
Materials for the Arts
Smack Mellon
Paul Baumann
Simon Lee
Angela Christlieb
Every contribution allows for more scarves and t-shirts to be made and distributed for free.
Our goal is to make as many as possible.